Robert Mangold and Maarten Haverkamp

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Opening June 6, 2014 from 6 - 9 p.m.

in the gallery:
Photographs by Dutch artist Maarten Haverkamp

Primarily, the artistic focus of Maarten Haverkamp lies within the state of metamorphosis as it applies to self and environment. His observance and photographic documentation of those changes...changes which go unnoticed, which alter over time, are revelatory, as well as a celebration of transformation itself. The exceptional lies nestled within the ordinary, both on a universal and personal level; it is this recognition which is documented, with a sense of awe and exuberance in his photographic imagery.

in the yard:
Sculptures by resident artist Robert Mangold

For more than 50 years, sculptor Robert Mangold has remained devoted to creating large indoor and outdoor pieces that can be seen not only across Denver but also throughout the world. Mangold’s four distinct artistic series are his Anemotive Kinetics, I-Beam, Tetrahedralhypersphere and PTTSAAES (a Point Traveling Through Space At An Erratic Speed).

exhibition continues through August 30, 2014.